BCCA Gambit/Counter Gambit Final Results 2013-14

Here are the final results for the 2013/14 season which have just been announced by the Tournament Director, Fred Clough.

Gambit Post/e-mail. Winner C.D.Gallimore 10. S.E.Cranmer 7.5 E.E.Wright 6.5 S.Olson 2.5 R.Crawshaw 2.5 C.Neil 1

Gambit (e-mail) Winner D.Cook 5.5 P.Douglass 4 P.H.Tibbert 2.5 S.Olson 0
J.M.Perinetti withdrew at the start.

Counter Gambit (e-mail) Winner C.D.Gallimore 3.5 D.Cook 2.5 P.H.Tibbert 0
J.M.Perinetti withdrew at the start

Well played to one and all.