BCCA Win British Team Championship

The BCCA have won the British Correspondence Chess Team Championship, our winning team of 8 players scored 13/14 with 2 results to come from the games versus Squarebashers.  The championship winning BCCA team comprised,

  1. JD Rhodes
  2. KJ Bowyer
  3. C Peckham
  4. KW McLaughlin
  5. SJ Grayland
  6. LT Ellis
  7. A Sutton
  8. EV Foulds

The tournament crosstable can be found here http://www.bfcc-online.org.uk/british-championship/bccc-bcctc whilst the individual results can be found here http://www.iccf-webchess.com/EventCrossTable.aspx?id=20158

Congratulations to the BCCA team on their outstanding success.