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Correspondence Chess: Back Issues for Sale (as at 26/2/2018)

Back Issues of Correspondence Chess are in constant demand. That is good for me and good for you because it helps keep annual membership costs down. You can see from the list below that some Issues are completely sold out & no longer available. Also, I may only have one or two copies left of certain Issues. So DON’T MISS OUT! If you are a relatively new member or chess collector or general chess reader, here is your chance to add to your collection.


2017 (CC198, CC199, CC200, Yearbook ) £10.00                                2016 (CC195, CC196, CC197, Yearbook) £9.00

Single Copies:-

2017: CC198 Spring, CC199 Summer, CC 200 Autumn, Yearbook £3.00 each                                                                                                                    2016: CC195 Spring, CC196 Summer, CC194 Autumn, Yearbook £2.50 each                                                                                                                    2015: CC192 Spring,  CC194 Autumn, Yearbook £2.00 each                   2014: CC191 Autumn, Yearbook        £1.50 each
2013: CC186 Spring, CC188 Autumn, Yearbook        £1.50 each
2012: CC184 Summer, CC185 Autumn, Yearbook        £1.50 each

Overseas postage prices supplied on request.