Paterson & Rodford Memorials – Results Tables

Now Finished.

The Tom Paterson Memorial was for players under 2000 (maximum rating 1999). There are 31 Players in the tournament.

Nettles E111111118
Sherwood H1111½11½76w 31½
Herbert G11½1111½76w 24
Rozanski R1½1111½176w 20½
Carter MH111½1½1176w 18½
Bruce R111111½06w
Clews WA10½111116w
Cheek C1½1111½½5w
Smyth S½11½111½5w
Mounsey C1½111½1½5w
Winter M1111½1½06
Cole S011111½½6
Cooper R11½½11½0
Slupski M½11½½1½05
Eansworth K½½½½1½½04
Wood B1½½01½0½4
Richardson D001½1010
Tibbert P1½101000
McMillan H110100003
Picken RD1½0001½03
Dunn J010100002
Dudeney K001000012
Little G001100002
Woodhouse S½0000001
Robinson B½0010000
Hardwick M100000001
Selby R000001001
Neil C000000011
Mair J000000000
Roberts D000000000
Gaughan J000000000

The Donald Rodford Memorial was for players rated 2000 & over. There are 34 players in the tournament.

Eldridge M½111½½½164w 27.5
Harding T½½11½1½164w 26.5
Ellis L.T½½1½11½164w 25.5
Eastoe L.K.G½½11½½1164w 25.5
Tolhurst P.J½111½ 1½½64w 22
Coyne D½½½1½1½1
Thompson B1½½1½½½1
Rawlings A½½½½1½½15
Mason I.J½½½1½½½15
Wilkinson J.P½½1½011½5
Pheby I1½1½½½½½5
Kitson K½1½½½½1½5
Richardt M½½1½½½ ½½
Williamson DL½½½1½ ½01
Sutton A½½½1½½01
Sherwood R½0½1½½½1
Grayland S.J½101½½½½
Kruger M½½½½½½½1
Foulds E.V½½1½½1½0
Campbell E½½1½½½½½
Grobler D.J½½½0½½½14
Norman N1½01½½0½4
Chambers D½01100½½
Clark S.L½½0½½½01
Cannon A½½½½½½½0
Gardner A½½½0001½3
Carr T1½0½00½½3
Burridge R.J½ ½ ½ ½½000
Beveridge C1½½0½000
Glanville C0½0½½0½½
Gould I.C000½0½001
Jefferson N.W0000½00½1
Reed A000000000
Ruthen S000000000

Both tournaments were arranged under the Italian pairing system – each player played 8 games (4 white, 4 black) against 8 different opponents irrespective of the number of entries. This ensures the tournaments are over in one round & offers something different to standard BCCA events.

Prize money for both events was £80 for 1st, £60 for 2nd, £40 for 3rd, £20 for 4th & £10 for 5th.

In addition, the winner of the Paterson Memorial was awarded the Millard Silver King, suitably engraved, to keep forever. The winner of the Rodford Memorial will receive the Regency ‘Sicilian’ Chess Set kindly donated by the The Regency Chess Company