Webserver Trio’s Tournament

The objective of this tournament is to provide a stimulating  and friendly challenge for all players with promotion prospects and the possibility of earning points towards a BCCA Title. It is designed to allow for continuous entry throughout the year.

Players will be split in to three  ‘Classes’ with all players starting in Class 1 unless their ICCF Rating is > 2000 in which case they will start in Class 2 or Class 3 if rated >2200 The format will be ‘All Play Trios’ (4 Games per player) with the winner of a Class 1 Trio being awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points (BCM) and promotion to Class 2.

Class 2 Trio winners become eligible to play in Class 3 and are awarded 4 BCM points. The winner of a Class 3 Trio will be awarded 3, much sort after, BCCA Master  Points (BM) There are no cash prizes in this tournament.

Once a player has obtained the BCCA Candidate Master Title they will automatically be classed as a Class 3 Player and play for BCCA Master Points

If a player has prepaid rounds available they will be entered in a new Trio automatically unless they notify the Tournament Director that they do not wish to play.

Because of the PayPal transaction charges to the club, it is recommended that players purchase 2 or 3 rounds at a time at a cost of £2.00 per round; multiple rounds are permitted. Most players purchase 3 rounds initially to cover 2 Class 1’s and a possible Class 2 if they achieve promotion. Every effort has been made to keep costs as low as possible . All Trio’s are  played on the ICCF Webserver and ICCF rated.

To enter click  the “Add to Basket” button and  specify the number of rounds you require in the “Quantity Box.”

The Tournament Director is Steve Cole who will be happy to deal with any questions/queries you may have.

Email, Steve