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BCCA teams win the BCCL & the Welsh Member Organisations Tournament

BCCA teams have triumphed in the last couple of days!

BCCL (British CC League): the BCCA Giants team (8 players with each player playing two games) have won the BCCL Championship. The crosstable can be seen here: Although there are 2 games still awaiting adjudication decisions, the Giants cannot be caught. The full team was Captain Neil Jefferson, Olli Ylönen, Brian Thompson, Yosua Sitorus, Graham Pattrick, Allan Gardner, Johnny Owens, Andrew Ellis.

Welsh Member Organisations Team Tournament II: the BCCA Wildcats have won this event (5 players with each player playing 6 games) which came down to the very last game. The full crosstable can be seen here:  Congratulations to the team who comprised Captain Russell Sherwood, Mark Eldridge, Brian Thompson, Les Ellis, Keith Kitson.

Handicap Tournament 2016-7

The 2016-7 Handicap Tournament finished in a tie for 1st place between Paul Terry & Russell Sherwood. Paul earns 5 CM points & they share the prize money for 1st/2nd place. In 3rd place was Raymond Burridge.

The Handicap tournament is now free to enter so any member can enter at any time.  Pairings are by post or e-mail.

Richard Akrill awarded Candidate Master Title

Richard Akrill has been awarded the BCCA Candidate Master Title after reaching 20 Candidate Master (CM) points.  His points were accumulated in 4 different Trio’s as well as winning a Silver Medal tournament: well done to Richard!

Richard is the 10th member to be awarded the Candidate Master Title during 2017. The full list of Title Holders can be seen here:

Greg Hughes wins Bronze Medal tournament

All the games in this event have now finished & the final crosstable can be viewed on the Server here:  Congratulations to Greg Hughes who scored a fantastic 11.5/12 to win the tournament and a Bronze Medal – well done Greg! Honorable mentions go to Pablo Moujan & Ben Wood whose scores of 11 and 10.5 respectively would usually be good enough to win the event! Pablo earns 3 Candidate Master points for 2nd place.

Webserver Trios – August Update

Seven Trios have been decided this month starting with Class 2 Trio No. 81 involving William Lindberg, Paul Scott and Philip Tolhurst which ended in a rare three way tie. All players receive 1 BCM point and continue to play in Class 2.

Next we have Class 3 Trio No. 50 which was won by Yosau Sitorous  in a close fought battle with David Coyne. Yosau receives 3 BM Points and is the first player to qualify for a Webserver Trios Championship Semi-Final – very well played sir.

Then we have Class 3 Trio No. 53 which was won by our magasine editor. CCM Russell Sherwood who was up against Raymond Burridge  and Philip Beckett. Russell receives 3 BM points bringing his total to 8 and is the second player to qualify for a Webserver Trios Championship Semi-Final.

After that came Class 1 Trio No.  165 which was one by one of our newest members, Selina Kellett with a perfect score of 4/4 against Keith Dudeney and Jim Fox. Selina is promoted to Class 2 and receives her first 2 BCM points – one to watch for the future.

Followed by Class 2 Trio No. 77 which finished in a 2 way tie between Colin Cheek and returning member, Greg Hughes. As result they shared the BCM Points with 2 each enabling both to achieve the required 20 points for the BCCA Candidate Master Title. Both are now also promoted to Class Three with a chance to play in the Webserver Trios Championship – Well played gentlemen

The next result was Class 2 Trio No. 76 which was won by one of the strongest supporters of the Trios Tournament – Malcolm Winter, Malcolm also achieved the BCCA Candidate Master Title as a result of this win. The other players were Derek Whymark and Guy Whitehouse. Malcolm now returns to Class 3 with a chance to play in the Webserver Trios Championship.

Finally, we have Class 3 Trio No. 47  which was won by SIM Olli Yionen who was up against SIM Keith Kitson and Raymond Burridge. Olli and Keith both have the chance of playing in the Webserver Trios Championship if they win their next Class 3’s and Olli receives his first 3 BCCA Master Points.


Alexander Sherwood awarded Candidate Master Title

Alexander Sherwood has become the 10th BCCA member to be awarded the Candidate Master Title in 2017. His 2nd place in a BCCA Candidates tournament, added to his previous points from winning two Trio’s and a Silver Medal tournament, enabled him to reach the magic 20 points barrier. At only 18 years of age, Alex is the youngest holder of the BCCA Candidate Master Title.

Malcolm Winter awarded Candidate Master Title

Malcolm Winter has become the latest BCCA member to be awarded the Candidate Master Title. He has earned his 20 CM points by winning (or jointly winning) six different Trio’s, including two Class 2 Trio’s, winning a Reserves tourney and a Bronze Medal tourney. Well played Malcolm!

Two new BCCA Candidate Masters

Colin Cheek & Greg Hughes are the latest recipients of the BCCA Candidate Master Title, both earning the award in the same Trio! Greg Hughes was awarded his CM points over a 6 year period starting in 2011 in a Silver Medal tournament, and earning more points since in BCCA Reserves, an Endgame tourney, and four Trio’s. Colin Cheek has earned his CM points over a 3 year period starting in 2014; a Silver Medal tourney, a Bronze Medal tourney, BCCA Reserves and four Trio’s. Congratulations & well played to both players!

New BCCA Friendly match v CCLA Kangaroos

I am seeking players for an upcoming match versus our friends in Australia. Maximum rating 2200.
We have played CCLA Australia each year for the last 3 years; we won the first two matches but lost the latest one. These matches have proved popular with members & usual provide good evenly matched chess. If you wish to play, you will play just 2 games versus one opponent (one with White, one with Black). Time control 10 moves in 40 days. Played on the webserver.
There is no fee. If you wish to play, please contact Neil Limbert before August 26. The games should get underway in September.
Thank you.