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New BCCA Friendly match v CCLA Kangaroos

I am seeking players for an upcoming match versus our friends in Australia. Maximum rating 2200.
We have played CCLA Australia each year for the last 3 years; we won the first two matches but lost the latest one. These matches have proved popular with members & usual provide good evenly matched chess. If you wish to play, you will play just 2 games versus one opponent (one with White, one with Black). Time control 10 moves in 40 days. Played on the webserver.
There is no fee. If you wish to play, please contact Neil Limbert before August 26. The games should get underway in September.
Thank you.

Ron Cooper †

It is our sad duty to report the recent death of long standing BCCA member Ron Cooper.  Ron had been battling cancer for several years but that didn’t stop him playing a high volume of games at a brisk pace. He was a reliable player, featuring many times for various BCCA teams & he never defaulted games. In 2016, he was awarded the BCCA Candidate Master Title. In other words, an ideal BCCA member in many respects. He is a loss to the Association & the world of chess. RIP.

New BCCA Master : Keith McLaughlin

Keith McLaughlin has been awarded the BCCA Master Title after accumulating the necessary 20 Master points.  These points have been awarded over a 5 year period for successes in the BCCA Postal Championship, British Veterans Championship & the BCCA William Mason Championship.  Congratulations to Keith! A BCCA Master Medal is already on its way to him.

Keith is the 13th BCCA Master & the 2nd player to be awarded the Title in 2017. For a full list of Title Holders, go to “BCCA Members” – “BCCA Titles – Within reach of every Player”.  You will also find there a full list of current Title points awarded for all players who haven’t yet been awarded a BCCA Title – over 100 players on the lists!

BCCA Championship Final 2016/7 Finishes

All games have now been finished in the Final & the final crosstable can be viewed here: Congratulations to Stan Grayland on becoming BCCA Champion again & winning £200!
It was an extremely tight Final this year so well played to all the players. But tie-breaks must be used to identify prize-winners & qualifiers for next year’s Final.
Brian Thompson finishes in 2nd place & wins £100. In addition, he earns 8 BCCA Master points taking his total to over 20: therefore Brian is awarded the BCCA Master Title. Congratulations Brian!
Trevor Carr & John Brasier finish in joint 3rd place & win £25 each. Trevor also picks up 2 BCCA Master points.
The four above named players all qualify for next year’s Final. Everyone else will be back in the Candidates sections next season (although it is possible, if there are spare places in the Final, that one or two of the other players may find themselves back in the Final anyway).
I would like to thank all the players for taking part & making the BCCA Championship Final a very strong & special event.

A Clash of the Titans in this year’s Gambit and Counter Gambit Tourneys!

Results I’ve been eagerly awaiting!  Russell Sherwood has dominated both these e-mail events in recent years. Likewise Derek Gallimore has dominated the postal sections of these events over many years. With the closure of the postal section this year, however, Derek entered the e-mail tourneys thus offering new and strong opposition for Russell. So who would take the honours this year? It could not be closer!

Congratulations to the Titans and to the other competitors who played their necessary part in deciding the outcome.
Fred Clough

New BCCA Candidate Master – Raymond Cox

BCCA member Raymond Cox is the latest recipient of the BCCA Candidate Master Title after accumulating the necessary 20 CM points.  Congratulations to Raymond! Raymond has been a staunch supporter of BCCA Trio’s since their outset and earned his first CM points by winning Trio No.6. Since then, he has earned CM points in seven (!) other Trio tournaments & also earned points in a Medal tournament. His award is the result of perseverance together with good play – well done to Raymond!

2016/17 Postal Championship Tied!

The 2016/17 Postal Championship had a dramatic finish as two players tied for the Championship. The crosstable for the Final can be seen here: Les Ellis & Keith McLaughlin scored the same number of Points, and the same Number of Wins, and had identical S-B scores! Highly unusual. So the Title (and prize money) has been shared between the two of them.

Entries are now being taken for the 2017/8 Postal Championship (British residents only) so please consider entering – there is some good chess to be had in this Event.

Webserver Trios – June Update

BCCA/C3/Tr48 has been won by Antony Copsey with a score of 3/4 against Frank McMahon and Raymond Burridge. Antony has been awarded his 3 BCCA Master Points.

BCCA/C1/Tr147 has been won by Michael Farmer with a score of 3/4 against Lea Hudson and Raymond Cox. Michael is promoted to Class 2 and awarded 2 BCCA Candidate Master Points.

BCCA/C1/Tr155 Gregory Hughes is the winner with an excellent score of 3.5/4 against Jun Xiang Tee and Stuart Honey. Gregory is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 19, just one more needed for the BCM Title

BCCA/C2/Tr80Sylvie Roynet wins with a score of 3/4 against Sandy Smyth and John Dunn. Sylvie is promoted to Class 3 and receives 4 BCM Points

BCCA/C1/Tr156 – has been won by Jun Xiang Tee with a score of 3/4 against Selina Kellett and Murray Grainger. Jun is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points

BCCA/C1/Tr146Derek Whymark is the winner with an excellent score of 3.5/4 against Hilary Walsh and Jim Fox. Derek is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 4

BCCA/C1/Tr161Stephen Woodhouse  wins with a score of 3/4 against John Walker and Keith Dudeney. Stephen is promoted to Class 2 and receives 2 BCM Points bringing his total to 14

Endgame Tournament Results 2016-17

Russell Sherwood won the 2016-17 E-mail tournament, and Bob Crawshaw won the 2016-17 Postal tournament.  For further details see “Tournaments” – “Endgame Tournaments” – “Results”.

The Endgame tournaments are ideal practice for Endgame play without putting any rating points at risk. Why not give it a go for the 2017-18 season!? Entries now being taken.