BCCA Officers

President: Stan Grayland
General Secretary: Neil Limbert
Membership Secretary & BCCL Controller: Stan Grayland
Treasurer: Allan Gardner
Stationery Officer: Graham Williams
Home and Overseas Match Captain: Neil Limbert
BCCA Championship, Candidates & Reserves Tournament Controller: Neil Limbert
BCCA Postal Championship Controller: Raymond Burridge
BCCA Webmaster: Tony Cannon
Webserver Trios Tournament: Steve Cole
Gambit & Counter-Gambit Tourney’s: Fred Clough
Handicap Tourney: Stephen Clark
Medal Tournaments: Controller : Neil Limbert
Endgame Tourney and Friendly Games: Michael Thistlewood
ICCF Tournaments, BFCC International Secretary: Andrew 
BCCA Magazine Editor: Russell Sherwood